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interactive bouquet

Interactive Bouquet


Design the bouquet
Make the 3d impression
Make the graphic design


Provide the input
Use it for internal and external communication
Send it to your bouquet maker

See the designers working

See how it works


In years of experience, it has become clear that a lot of money is invested in developing bouquets. This can now be done digitally, cost-effectively, more environmentally friendly and faster, more effective communication.


This will save you a lot of time and money!

You do not need to buy a large number of flowers,

Not much bouquet designers and no photographer needed.

Very sustainable solution for less product use


When you click on the examples (tap twice on mobile) a PDF document will be loaded with links to the interactive bouquet. These are best viewed on Desktop or Ipad. When viewing on phone it’s best to view the examples in landscape view.


Interactive Bouquets was founded by Geert Maas,  master bouquet designer for the international retail flower sector. In addition to being a florist, Geert is a graphic designer, and an all-round designer.  His customer base includes many branches of the sector: growers, Dummen NL, Just, Auction Royal Flora Holland, Flower council Holland, Jumbo Supermarket NL, Smithers Oasis, Mester Gronn Norway, Blume2000 Germany, Jardiland Spain, Jardinerie UK.



Geert Maas – Interactive bouquets
De Gruyterfabriek Kade M
Veemarktkade 8,
5222 AE ‘s-Hertogenbosch

The Netherlands
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